Project name:

Motor Control System

Project description:

Our customer was developing a medical device to assist with improving the communications between physical therapists and their patients. We were tasked with controller design and system integration. This controller was designed to integrate three linear actuators in a motion system, provide live feedback, and provide connectivity for reporting rehab progress. The system controls position and speed of each linear actuator.

Interfaces included:

  • Three motor control connections
  • Existing hard wired remote control for manual operation
  • SigFox LPWaN connectivity for IoT data tracking, usage statistics, geo-location, etc.
  • USB connectivity to an android tablet with a customer supplied app for automated system control.

The solution was driven by a microcontroller and had a host of PCB mounted sensors for additional system intelligence.

We also designed and built a functional test stand to support manufacturing. The test stand exercised and verified all interfaces and logged the data to a cloud based server for access and traceability.