Sensor Networks

An energy monitoring company came to us to develop a battery powered wireless remote sensor to allow them to gather very specific data to study the real-time usage of electricity […]

Motor Control System

Our customer was developing a medical device to assist with improving the communications between physical therapists and their patients. We were tasked with controller design and system integration. This controller […]

Personal Alarm

Prior to the implementation of laws that required hospitality staff to have a means of personal alert in case of danger, our customer approached us to develop a device that […]

Intrinsic Safety Design

          For this project our customer asked us to alter one of our asset tracker designs to be used in a hazardous area. We redesigned our […]

High Value Asset Tracking

We had a customer ask us to develop an LPWAN-based cart tracker that can withstand the many environments of a resort location. The heavy duty carts are used indoors and […]